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Electrical geophysical evaluation of susceptibility to flooding in University of Nigeria, Nsukka main campus and its environs, Southeastern Nigeria

Daniel Nnaemeka Obiora Johnson Cletus Ibuot

Obiora DN, Ibuot JC. 2023. Electrical geophysical evaluation of susceptibility to flooding in University of Nigeria, Nsukka main campus and its environs, Southeastern Nigeria. Journal of Groundwater Science and Engineering, 11(4): 422-434 doi:  10.26599/JGSE.2023.9280033
Citation: Obiora DN, Ibuot JC. 2023. Electrical geophysical evaluation of susceptibility to flooding in University of Nigeria, Nsukka main campus and its environs, Southeastern Nigeria. Journal of Groundwater Science and Engineering, 11(4): 422-434 doi:  10.26599/JGSE.2023.9280033

doi: 10.26599/JGSE.2023.9280033

Electrical geophysical evaluation of susceptibility to flooding in University of Nigeria, Nsukka main campus and its environs, Southeastern Nigeria

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  • Figure  1.  Examples of flood affected areas: (a, b and c) part of the University stadium predisposed to flooding during rainy season, (d) front of the University Secondary School during rainy season.

    Figure  2.  Geologic map of the area showing the location of the study area and the geological cross section along the line trending SW – NE.

    Figure  3.  Sample VES curves (a) VES 1 and (b) VES 4

    Figure  4.  Variation of resistivity of the layers 1, 2 and 3

    Figure  5.  Trend of resistivity reflection coefficients K1 and K2

    Figure  6.  Distribution of $ {K}_{1} $

    Figure  7.  Distribution of $ {K}_{2} $

    Figure  8.  Distribution of transverse resistivity

    Figure  9.  Distribution of longitudinal resistivity

    Figure  10.  Distribution of anisotropy

    Figure  11.  2D electrical resistivity tomography model of the study area along profile 1

    Figure  12.  2D electrical resistivity tomography model of the study area along profile 2

    Figure  13.  2D electrical resistivity tomography model of the study area along profile 3

    Figure  14.  2D electrical resistivity tomography model of the study area along profile 4

    Table  1.   Summary of measured electrical resistivity data in the study area

    VESLongitude/°ELatitude/°NLayer Resistivity/Ω·mThickness/mDepth/mElevation/m
    $ {\mathrm{\rho }}_{1} $$ {\mathrm{\rho }}_{2} $$ {\mathrm{\rho }}_{3} $$ {\mathrm{\rho }}_{4} $$ {\mathrm{h}}_{1} $$ {\mathrm{h}}_{2} $$ {\mathrm{h}}_{3} $$ {\mathrm{d}}_{1} $$ {\mathrm{d}}_{2} $$ {\mathrm{d}}_{3} $
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    Table  2.   Summary of estimated hydrogeologic parameter

    Reflection coefficientρt
    $ {k}_{1} $$ {k}_{2} $
    1 7.4029 6.8665 0.53 0.05 622.84 522.54 1.09
    2 7.4048 6.8657 −0.82 0.90 752.32 199.61 1.94
    3 7.4037 6.8684 0.49 0.62 24,115.42 14,950.76 1.27
    4 7.4077 6.8474 0.76 −0.50 2041.84 1,774.98 1.07
    5 7.4059 6.8691 −0.40 0.79 17,676.37 8,514.18 1.44
    6 7.3991 6.8613 −0.04 0.37 243.59 214.21 1.07
    7 7.3981 6.8619 0.47 −0.36 2,346.40 2,244.81 1.02
    8 7.4089 6.8698 0.02 0.33 900.13 803.71 1.06
    9 7.4222 6.8525 −0.52 0.91 1,179.99 258.48 2.14
    10 7.4098 6.8596 0.59 −0.41 458.49 384.35 1.09
    11 7.4038 6.8719 0.66 0.54 8,487.33 2,418.87 1.87
    12 7.4067 6.8696 0.40 0.53 1,407.18 1,119.77 1.12
    13 7.4016 6.8589 −0.51 0.87 2,968.13 945.44 1.77
    14 7.4091 6.8625 −0.81 0.95 1,533.33 528.02 1.70
    15 7.4065 6.8585 0.37 0.53 2,594.47 2,084.23 1.12
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