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Volume 4 Issue 2
Jun.  2016
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GUO Long-zhu. 2016: Study on ecological and economic effects of land and water resources allocation in Sanjiang Plain. Journal of Groundwater Science and Engineering, 4(2): 110-119.
Citation: GUO Long-zhu. 2016: Study on ecological and economic effects of land and water resources allocation in Sanjiang Plain. Journal of Groundwater Science and Engineering, 4(2): 110-119.

Study on ecological and economic effects of land and water resources allocation in Sanjiang Plain

  • Publish Date: 2016-06-28
  • The pattern of groundwater usage and industrial development in the Sanjiang Plain remains a concern of Chinese government. In accordance with the Water Conservancy Planning of the Sanjiang Plain, this paper presents a Sanjiang Plain resources allocation model which is established to be used in controlling water, land, ecology and economy in consideration of 50%-level and 75%-level years, planting structure adjustment, industry development by 2020, and different transit water exploitation schemes. Lingo10 global optimization has been adopted in solving the model. The results show that by 2020 the output of three industries will increase to a certain degree, the grain yields will satisfy state demand, and regional service value will decrease dramatically. Such results provide theoretical basis and practical significance for instructing the development and exploitation of the Sanjiang Plain.
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