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Journal of Groundwater Science and Engineering was founded in 2013 to foster understanding of groundwater sciences and engineering, sponsored by the Institute of Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology, CAGS, China Chapter, International Association of Hydrogeologists and Commission on Hydrogeology, Geological Society of China. 

J. Groundw. Sci. Eng. is short for Journal of Groundwater Science and Engineering.

Aims & Scope

It is a peer-reviewed and open access journal, which published quarterly in English. The journal aims to be an innovative, high-impact and authoritative academic journal for researchers across the hydrogeology, environmental geology,  engineering geology, ecology and environment. It mainly reports the latest and most important achievements in cutting-edge and emerging topics, as well as the traditional topics referring to new methodology, technology, applications and theoretical research in groundwater science and engineering, including review papers, research papers and reports etc. Papers published involve various aspects of research concerning groundwater, such as geochemistry, geophysics, geomorphology, geobiology, urban geology, geothermy, groundwater development and utilization, groundwater resources-environment-sustainability, numerical modeling, groundwater pollution, emerging contaminants, soil science, groundwater environment evolution influenced by climate change and human activities etc., and innovative instrumentation, remote sensing, information technology relatively.

Articles submitted would be peer-reviewed strictly on speciality and language. Language revisions are carried out by professional English editors. 

The Editorial Board is composed of more than sixty world-renowned experts and scholars. Up to now, the foreign authors contributed papers are from USA, Netherlands, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, Russia, Mongolia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Iran, Pakistan, Vietnam etc

Scientists and researchers are welcomed to submit original manuscripts with high theoretical value, new research methods and global application through online submission: http://gwse.iheg.org.cn.


Since 2023, we establish cooperative relationship with Tsinghua University Press (TUP) , and all materials published will get on SciOpen at the same time, https://www.sciopen.com/journal/2305-7068. By virtue of Tsinghua University Press's rich experience in running international journals, SciOpen is an international digital publishing open access platform that provides free full-text browsing, downloading, and sharing, it explores the broadest and deepest multidisciplinary collection of online resources covering Natural Science, Engineering and Technical Science, Medical Science, and Humanities and Social Science. It is committed to playing an active role in serving global scientific and technological innovation.

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