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Study on the geothermal production and reinjection mode in Xiong County
WANG Shu-fang, LIU Jiu-rong, SUN Ying, LIU Shi-liang, GAO Xiao-rong, SUN Cai-xia, LI Hai-kui
2018, 6(3): 178-186. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2018.03.003
Abstract(455) PDF(413)
Comprehensive evaluation on the ecological function of groundwater in the Shiyang River watershed
Min Liu, Zhen-long Nie, Le Cao, Li-fang Wang, Hui-xiong Lu, Zhe Wang, Pu-cheng Zhu
2021, 9(4): 326-340. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2021.04.006
Abstract(434) FullText HTML(166) PDF(45)
The features of soil erosion and soil leakage in karst peak-cluster areas of Southwest China
LUO Wei-qun, JIANG Zhong-cheng, YANG Qi-yong, LI Yan-qing, LIANG Jian-hong
2018, 6(1): 18-30. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2018.01.003
Abstract(662) PDF(335)
Mapping potential areas for groundwater storage in the High Guir Basin (Morocco):Contribution of remote sensing and geographic information system
Nouayti Abderrahime, Khattach Driss, Hilali Mohamed, Nouayti Nordine
2019, 7(4): 309-322. doi: DOI: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2019.04.002
Abstract(965) PDF(361)
Using TOUGH2 numerical simulation to analyse the geothermal formation in Guide basin, China
Feng LIU, Gui-ling WANG, Wei ZHANG, Chen YUE, Li-bo TAO
2020, 8(4): 328-337. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2020.04.003
Abstract(1007) FullText HTML(491) PDF(61)
Spatial variation assessment of groundwater quality using multivariate statistical analysis(Case Study: Fasa Plain, Iran)
Mehdi Bahrami, Elmira Khaksar, Elahe Khaksar
2020, 8(3): 230-243. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2020.03.004
Abstract(1012) FullText HTML(433) PDF(103)
Hydrogeology of the Ordos Basin, China
HOU Guang-cai, YIN Li-he, XU Dan-dan
2017, 5(2): 104-115.
Abstract(1024) PDF(604)
Hydrochemical characteristics and geochemistry evolution of groundwater in the plain area of the Lake Baiyangdian watershed, North China Plain
ZHANG Yu-qin, WANG Guang-wei, WANG Shi-qin, YUAN Rui-qiang, TANG Chang-yuan, SONG Xian-fang
2018, 6(3): 220-233. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2018.03.007
Abstract(650) PDF(573)
Climate change and groundwater resources in Thailand
SRISUK Kriengsak, NETTASANA Tussanee
2017, 5(1): 67-75.
Abstract(801) PDF(1694)
Climate change and groundwater resources in Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Duong D Bui, Nghia C Nguyen, Nuong T Bui, Anh T T Le, Dao T Le
2017, 5(1): 76-90.
Abstract(932) PDF(1450)
Hydrochemical characterization of groundwater in Balad district, Salah Al-Din Governorate, Iraq
Alhassan H Ismai, Muntasir A Shareef, Wesam Mahmood
2018, 6(4): 306-322. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2018.04.006
Abstract(425) PDF(635)
Climate change and groundwater resources in China
BAI Bing, CHENG Yan-pei, JIANG Zhong-cheng, ZHANG Cheng
2017, 5(1): 44-52.
Abstract(733) PDF(1733)
Clogging mechanism in the process of reinjection of used geothermal water: A simulation research on Xianyang No.2 reinjection well in a super-deep and porous geothermal reservoir
MA Zhi-yuan, XU Yong, ZHAI Mei-jing, WU Min
2017, 5(4): 311-325.
Abstract(601) PDF(986)
Geothermal structure revealed by curie isothermal surface under Guangdong Province, China
Yu-fei Xi, Ya-bo Zhao, DA Yuen
2021, 9(2): 114-120. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2021.02.003
Abstract(596) FullText HTML(254) PDF(135)
Study on hydrochemical characteristics and formation mechanism of shallow groundwater in eastern Songnen Plain
LI Xiao-hang, WANG Rui, LI Jian-feng
2018, 6(3): 161-170. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2018.03.001
Abstract(403) PDF(570)
Water sustainability model for estimation of groundwater availability in Kemuning district, Riau-Indonesia
Muhammad Juandi
2020, 8(1): 20-29. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2020.01.003
Abstract(568) PDF(421)
Characteristics of geothermal reservoirs and utilization of geothermal resources in the southeastern coastal areas of China
ZHANG Ying, LUO Jun, FENG Jian-yun
2020, 8(2): 134-142. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2020.02.005
Abstract(486) PDF(99)
Groundwater contaminant source identification based on QS-ILUES
Jin-bing LIU, Si-min JIANG, Nian-qing ZHOU, Yi CAI, Lu CHENG, Zhi-yuan WANG
2021, 9(1): 73-82. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2021.01.007
Abstract(1176) FullText HTML(544) PDF(50)
Groundwater status and associated issues in the Mekong-Lancang River Basin: International collaborations to achieve sustainable groundwater resources
Eunhee Lee, Kyoochul Ha, Nguyen Thi Minh Ngoc, Adichat Surinkum, Ramasamy Jayakumar, Yongje Kim, Kamaludin Bin Hassan
2017, 5(1): 1-13.
Abstract(653) PDF(1455)
Climate change and groundwater conditions in the Mekong Region–A review
Ramasamy Jayakumar, Eunhee Lee
2017, 5(1): 14-30.
Abstract(644) PDF(1085)
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