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Volume 4 Issue 3
Sep.  2016
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ZHANG Sheng, ZHANG Cui-yun, HE Ze, et al. 2016: Application research of enhanced in-situ micro-ecological remediation of petroleum contaminated soil. Journal of Groundwater Science and Engineering, 4(3): 157-164.
Citation: ZHANG Sheng, ZHANG Cui-yun, HE Ze, et al. 2016: Application research of enhanced in-situ micro-ecological remediation of petroleum contaminated soil. Journal of Groundwater Science and Engineering, 4(3): 157-164.

Application research of enhanced in-situ micro-ecological remediation of petroleum contaminated soil

  • Publish Date: 2016-09-28
  • Experimental study of enhanced in-situ micro-ecological remediation of petroleum contaminated loess soil was carried out in Zhongyuan oil production areas, and the enhanced in-situ micro-ecological remediation technique includes optimistic in-situ microbial communities, physical chemistry methods, alfalfa planting and regulation of soil environmental elements. Experiments showed that the oil content in the contaminated soil with oil content about 2 898.25 mg/kg can be reduced about 98.61% after in-situ micro-ecological remediation for 99 days, which demonstrated the effectiveness of in-situ micro-ecological remediation methods for petroleum contaminated soil in central plains of China, and explored the practical and feasible application of these methods.
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