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Volume 4 Issue 3
Sep.  2016
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ZHANG Wei, SHI Jian-sheng, XU Jian-ming, et al. 2016: Dynamic influence of Holocene characteristics on vadose water in typical region of central North China Plain. Journal of Groundwater Science and Engineering, 4(3): 247-258.
Citation: ZHANG Wei, SHI Jian-sheng, XU Jian-ming, et al. 2016: Dynamic influence of Holocene characteristics on vadose water in typical region of central North China Plain. Journal of Groundwater Science and Engineering, 4(3): 247-258.

Dynamic influence of Holocene characteristics on vadose water in typical region of central North China Plain

  • Publish Date: 2016-09-28
  • In the typical region of central North China Plain, vadose sediments are Holocene sediment strata. With samples from field drillings, the study analyzes the sedimentary characteristics of vadose zone. The study takes the content of silty sand as the basis for sedimentary environment analysis, and the content of clay and sand as the sensitive indicator for sedimentary characteristics. Combining palynology analysis, the study divides vadose zone from top to bottom into diluvia oxbow lacustrine sediments, lacustrine sediments, lacustrine and swamp sediments, weak palaeohydrodynamic lacustrine sediments and alluvial sediments. Based on the sedimentary characteristics of Holocene strata, it analyzes the changes across depth of vadose zone water potential and matrix potential, obtaining the influence of vadose zone sedimentary characteristics on the migration of water in typical region of central North China Plain.
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