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2014 Vol. 2, No. 1

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Coastal Case Study-Clarence City Council
2014, 2(1): 21-28.
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The Impact of Human Activities on CO2 Intake by Carbonate Weathering: A Case Study of Conglin Karst Ridge-trough at Fuling Town, Chongqing, China
Chang-li LIU, Chao SONG, Hong-bing HOU, Xiu-yan WANG, Yun ZHANG, Jun-kun WANG, Jian-mei JIANG, Li-xin PEI, Bo SONG
2014, 2(1): 29-38.
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The chemical weathering can consume atmosphere/soil CO2. Human activities such as pollution, fertilization and acid precipitation have exerted a large impact on CO2 intake by carbonate weathering. Thus, based on the analysis on chemical component change of the karst groundwater in the karst ridge watershed of Conglin Village, Fuling District of Chongqing City, the influence of human activities such as fertilization, sewage discharges from mustard tuber processing, breeding industry and acid rain precipitation on carbonate weathering and CO2 intake in 1980, 2003 and 2006 was studied. The results showed that CO2 intake by carbonate rock declined with year. Because H+ derived from acid sewage discharge, fertilization and acid precipitation reacted with carbonate rock when mustard tuber production and swine breeding were developed fleetly after 2000 as well as the burning amount of high-sulfur coal augmented persistently, which led to the increase of (Ca2++Mg2+)/HCO3-. The difference on charge between Ca2++Mg2+ and HCO3- was balanced by NO3-+SO42-. The control on pollution and acid rain, especially the pre-neutralization of acid waste water, would rejuvenate the atmospheric CO2 intake strength of carbonate weathering besides the protection of water and soil environment
Research on Migration Features of Ammonia-Nitrogen in Shallow Groundwater of Coastal Area of Tangshan Fengnan
Duo LI, Kang CHEN
2014, 2(1): 39-43.
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The ammonia-nitrogen in shallow groundwater of coastal area of Tangshan Fengnan exceeds the content limit at varying degrees. To analyze the the migration features of ammonia-nitrogen in the groundwater, a two-dimensional groundwater flow and quality model has been established on the basis of investigation and analysis of hydeogeological conditions in this region. Ammonia-nitrogen in the first aquifer groundwater migrates slowly and is difficult to diffuse during the migration process for the low exploitation, the small hydraulic gradient, the relatively fine aquier rock particles and poor permeability of the aquifer
Analysis on Present Status of Underground Water Pollution in Shijiazhuang and Its Prevention Measures
Kang-qin HAN, Ri-sheng DUAN, Liang-liang JIA, Yuan-yuan DUAN, Min-ying FENG
2014, 2(1): 44-48.
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The underground water testing over the years has found that the total dissolved solids, total hardness, chloride, nitrate (calculated in N) and many other factors in the underground water in Shijiazhuang exceed the limits specified in Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water GB 5749-2006 and are distributed in a point source pattern. Starting by introducing the hydrological and geologic characteristics of Shijiazhuang, this paper analyzes the chemical properties and pollution status of the underground water in the city and the effect of factors that exceed the standard on the human body. Based on the analysis, it further discusses the causes for pollution and cases of pollution treatment that absorbed tremendous manpower and resources in the past and thus resulted in huge economic losses to the state. The paper concludes that it is extremely important to make a serious commitment to the pollution control. Judging from the hydrological conditions, the southeast part shows stronger anti-pollution performance than the northwest under the natural state
Application of Tracer Experiments to Predict Leakage Channel-An Example of a Power Plant in Zhen'An
Ya-feng CHEN, Qiang ZHANG, Shi-jie XIE
2014, 2(1): 49-55.
Abstract(963) PDF(739)
Many water conservancy and hydropower projects are located in karst areas of which complicated structure would cause significant risks to water conservancy and hydropower projects, so identifying the presence or absence of pipeline leaks is one of important basic conditions for water conservancy and hydropower project. Determining the existence of leakage channels has important applications tracer diffusion of water tracer experiment, this paper is the experimental investigation of tracer leakage passage of a hydropower station in West China, determining the existence of leakage passage can be worked through experimental investigation on part of the left abutment of the hydropower predict leakage passage to
Analysis on the Salt Content Characteristics of Southern Saline-Alkali Soil in Datong Basin and Its Causes
Qing YI, Yan-pei CHENG, Jian-kang ZHANG
2014, 2(1): 63-72.
Abstract(862) PDF(886)
This paper studies the southern part of Datong Basin and investigates, in combination with a survey on the soil properties, the salt content characteristics of the soil in the region using relevant analysis methods. The results showed that the soil salinization type of the soil in the study area is soda saline-alkaline soil, and the salt content of the profile soil tends to assemble in the soil surface. As the overall salt content is low, it is classified as moderately saline soil. However, being highly alkaline, it thus basically belongs to the moderate-to-severe level; a significant positive correlation is found between total salt quantity and exchange sodium and degree of alkalization. Exchange sodium is a factor that determines the size of alkalization degree and it also indirectly affects the pH value; special climate, topography and parent material, groundwater and soil properties, and tillage management of the region explain the formation of the large area of saline-alkali soil. This study will provide an important theoretical basis for the sustainable use of soil resources in the southern saline-alkali soil in Datong Basin
Optimization Research of Water-Soil Resources in Huanghua
Le SONG, Yan-pei CHENG
2014, 2(1): 86-94.
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According to the present situation and problems of land use in Huanghua, this article determines the objectives of optimal allocation of land resources. As the basis of gray linear programming approach, we create gray linear programming model and set decision variables. By constructing the objective function and collection of constraint equations in which the main constraints is water resources, we obtain the program of optimal allocation of land resources under different constraints of water resources. The optimal result is analyzed to the present situation and planning of land use, to study feasibility of the program and the effectiveness in the decision of sustainable use of water -soil resources

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