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Assessment of porous aquifer hydrogeological parameters using automated groundwater level measurements in Greece
Marios C Kirlas
2021, 9(4): 269-278. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2021.04.001
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Sensitivity assessment of strontium isotope as indicator of polluted groundwater for hydraulic fracturing flowback fluids produced in the Dameigou Shale of Qaidam Basin
Zhao-xian Zheng, Xiao-shun Cui, Pu-cheng Zhu, Si-jia Guo
2021, 9(2): 93-101. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2021.02.001
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Seepage-heat transfer coupling process of low temperature return water injected into geothermal reservoir in carbonate rocks in Xian County, China
Yan WANG, Yan-guang LIU, Kai BIAN, Hong-liang ZHANG, Shen-jun QIN, Xiao-jun WANG
2020, 8(4): 305-314. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2020.04.001
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Spatial and statistical assessment of nitrate contamination in groundwater: Case of Sais Basin, Morocco
Abdelhakim LAHJOUJ, Abdellah EL HMAIDI, Karima BOUHAFA
2020, 8(2): 143-157. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2020.02.006
Abstract(2173) PDF(219)
Delineation of groundwater potential zones in Wadi Saida Watershed of NW-Algeria using remote sensing, geographic information system-based AHP techniques and geostatistical analysis
Kessar Cherif, Benkesmia Yamina, Blissag Bilal, Wahib Kébir Lahsen
2021, 9(1): 45-64. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2021.01.005
Abstract(2127) FullText HTML (907) PDF(146)
Groundwater contaminant source identification based on QS-ILUES
Jin-bing LIU, Si-min JIANG, Nian-qing ZHOU, Yi CAI, Lu CHENG, Zhi-yuan WANG
2021, 9(1): 73-82. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2021.01.007
Abstract(2045) FullText HTML (963) PDF(63)
Application assessment of GRACE and CHIRPS data in the Google Earth Engine to investigate their relation with groundwater resource changes (Northwestern region of Iran)
Afraz Mehdi, Eftekhari Mobin, Akbari Mohammad, Ali Haji Elyasi, Noghani Zahra
2021, 9(2): 102-113. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2021.02.002
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Capillary Pressure and Relative Permeability Model Uncertainties in Simulations of Geological CO2 Sequestration
LU Chuan, LI Long, LIU Yan-guang, WANG Gui-ling
2014, 2(2): 1-17.
Abstract(1846) PDF(845)
Development of a simple method for determining the influence radius of a pumping well in steady-state condition
A S El-Hames
2020, 8(2): 97-107. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2020.02.001
Abstract(1795) PDF(296)
Ecosystem-driven karst carbon cycle and carbon sink effects
Cheng Zhang, Qiong Xiao, Ze-yan Wu, Knez Martin
2022, 10(2): 99-112. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2022.02.001
Abstract(1657) FullText HTML (731) PDF(109)
Clogging mechanisms and preventive measures in artificial recharge systems
M Shahbaz Akhtar, Yoshitaka Nakashima, Makoto Nishigaki
2021, 9(3): 181-201. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2021.03.002
Abstract(1511) FullText HTML (636) PDF(129)
Migration of total chromium and chloride anion in the Rocha River used for estimating degradation of agricultural soil quality at the Thiu Rancho zone
Jhim Terrazas-Salvatierra, Galo Munoz-Vásquez, Ana Romero-Jaldin
2020, 8(3): 223-229. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2020.03.003
Abstract(1451) FullText HTML (654) PDF(67)
Education and Core Competencies for Professional Hydrogeologists
Richard E. Jackson
2013, 1(2): 9-13.
Abstract(1422) PDF(1166)
Aquifer hydraulic conductivity prediction via coupling model of MCMC-ANN
Chun-lei GUI, Zhen-xing WANG, Rong MA, Xue-feng ZUO
2021, 9(1): 1-11. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2021.01.001
Abstract(1358) FullText HTML (631) PDF(108)
Artesian Flowing Wells Field of Phu Tok Aquifer
Patsakron Assiri
2013, 1(3): 95-98.
Abstract(1339) PDF(2268)
Arsenic contamination caused by roxarsone transformation with spatiotemporal variation of microbial community structure in a column experiment
Ya-ci Liu, Zhao-ji Zhang, Xin-yi Zhao, Meng-tuo Wen, Sheng-wei Cao, Ya-song Li
2021, 9(4): 304-316. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2021.04.004
Abstract(1333) FullText HTML (592) PDF(46)
Asian Transboundary Aquifers Inventory and Mapping
Zai-sheng Han, Jayakunar Ramasamy, Yao Li, Jing He, HaoWang, Yan-pei Cheng, Hua Dong, Zeng-shi Ni
2013, 1(3): 1-9.
Abstract(1306) PDF(1564)
Main progress and prospect for China's hydrogeological survey
Ai-min WU, Ai-bing HAO, Hai-peng GUO, Jing-tao LIU, Er-yong ZHANG, Huang WANG, Xin-feng WANG, Xue-ru WEN, Cui-guang ZHANG
2020, 8(3): 195-209. doi: 10.19637/j.cnki.2305-7068.2020.03.001
Abstract(1304) FullText HTML (629) PDF(168)
A Study of the Groundwater Reservoirs and Regulation in the Alluvial Fan of the Hutuo River
Xu Guangming, Bi Pan, Li Anna
2013, 1(2): 24-31.
Abstract(1303) PDF(1045)
Groundwater Use in the Selenge River Basin, Mongolia
B.T. Hiller, N. Jadamba
2013, 1(1): 11-32.
Abstract(1248) PDF(1494)
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