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Construction of ecological environment of oasis in Qingtongxia Irrigation District
HUANG Xiao-qin, YU Yan-qing, SUN Yong-liang
2014, 2(3): 78-84.
Abstract(1114) PDF(3939)
Analysis of bromate and bromide in drinking water by ion chromatography-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
HAN Mei, JIA Na, LI Ke, ZHAO Guo-xing, LIU Bing-bing, LIU Sheng-hua, LIU Jie
2014, 2(4): 48-53.
Abstract(1051) PDF(3463)
Application of HYDRUS-1D in understanding soil water movement at two typical sites in the North China Plain
WANG Shi-qin, SONG Xian-fang, WEI Shou-cai, SHAO Jing-li
2016, 4(1): 1-11.
Abstract(1216) PDF(3087)
Study on the residence time of deep groundwater for high-level radioactive waste geological disposal
ZHOU Zhi-chao, WANG Ju, SU Rui, GUO Yong-hai, LI Jie-biao, JI Rui-li, ZHANG Ming, DONG Jian-nan
2016, 4(1): 52-59.
Abstract(903) PDF(2276)
Artesian Flowing Wells Field of Phu Tok Aquifer
Patsakron Assiri
2013, 1(3): 95-98.
Abstract(1347) PDF(2268)
Comparison of hydrogeological characteristics between the Sanjiang Plain and the Amur River Basin
SU Chen, XU Cheng-yun, CHEN Zong-yu, WEI wen
2014, 2(4): 26-34.
Abstract(697) PDF(2205)
Impact of animal manure addition on the weathering of agricultural lime in acidic soils: The agent of carbonate weathering
SONG Chao, LIU Chang-li, ZHANG Yun, HOU Hong-bing
2017, 5(2): 202-212.
Abstract(689) PDF(2069)
Groundwater Flow Driven by Heat
Zong-jun Gao, Yong-gui Liu
2013, 1(3): 22-27.
Abstract(1040) PDF(2046)
Applications of hydrogeophysics in characterization of subsurface architecture and contaminant plumes
DENG Ya-ping, SHI Xiao-qing, WU Ji-chun
2016, 4(4): 354-366.
Abstract(1116) PDF(2034)
Analysis on method for effective in-situ stress measurement in hot dry rock reservoir
SUN Dong-sheng, ZHAO Wei-hua, LI A-wei, ZHANG An-bin
2015, 3(1): 9-15.
Abstract(600) PDF(2022)
Groundwater modelling to help diagnose contamination problems
ZHANG Chuan-mian, GUO Xiao-niu, Richard Henry, James Dendy
2015, 3(4): 285-294.
Abstract(819) PDF(1987)
Distribution of arsenic in sediment of Hangjinhou Banner- Linhe transect in Hetao Basin, North China
CAO Wen-geng, CHEN Nan-xiang, ZHANG Yi-long, DONG Qiu-yao
2014, 2(4): 87-96.
Abstract(376) PDF(1975)
Numerical simulation of karst groundwater system for discharge prediction and protection design of spring in Fangshan District, Beijing
WEI Jia-hua, CHU Hai-bo, WANG Rong, JIANG Yuan
2015, 3(4): 316-330.
Abstract(579) PDF(1964)
Analysis of the Water Factor with the Major Environmental Issues in the Sanjiang Plain
Feng-long Zhang, Fu-li Qi, Shou-cheng Lu, Yong-li Li
2013, 1(3): 28-32.
Abstract(1190) PDF(1950)
Research of in-situ hydraulic test method by using double packer equipment
JI Rui-li, ZHANG Ming, SU Rui, GUO Yong-hai, ZHOU Zhi-chao, LI Jie-biao
2016, 4(1): 41-51.
Abstract(640) PDF(1935)
Sustainable utilization measures of groundwater resources in Beijing
LI Yu, CUI Yu, SUN Ying, LI Zhi-ping, WANG Xin-juan, WANG Li-ya, YANG Qing, WANG Rong
2014, 2(4): 60-66.
Abstract(825) PDF(1887)
Groundwater level monitoring-importance global groundwater monitoring network
Ramasamy Jayakumar
2015, 3(4): 295-305.
Abstract(1019) PDF(1887)
Climate change and groundwater resources in Cambodia
Chamroeun SOK, Sokuntheara CHOUP
2017, 5(1): 31-43.
Abstract(936) PDF(1837)
Establishment of an assessment method for site-scale suitability of CO2 geological storage
2014, 2(4): 19-25.
Abstract(641) PDF(1829)
Compilation of Groundwater Quality Map and study of hydrogeochemical characteristics of groundwater in Asia
YI Qing, GE Li-qiang, CHENG Yan-pei, DONG Hua, LIU Kun, ZHANG Jian-kang, YUE Chen
2015, 3(2): 176-185.
Abstract(650) PDF(1817)
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